Jaime Richards' First Iraq Tour




My Operation Iraqi Freedom Photo Album...

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Ruins of Ur at Tallil

Ur Zigurrat
Ur Temple Ruins
Ur Souvenir Shop
The Zigurrat at Ur,
Best climbed with a full canteen
Great view from on top the Zigurrat...
Hey, is that Dhief, walking past the temple? (Or maybe it's Yani....)
Yes, even at a 4000 year old historical site you can't avoid the dreaded souvenir shop!
Temple Arch at Ur
Temple ruins at Ur
Cuneiform brick
The 4th sister...
(But don't tell anybody)
More temple ruins,
the 4th sister is around the corner to the right...in case you're ever staking it out

Cuneiform near the Royal Tombs

(I think it says "Go Rams")

Royal Tombs at Ur
  Entrance to the Royal Tombs. A nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to be buried there.  


In and around Baghdad Airport
April 2003

Baghdad Airport
Iraqi Palace
Iraqi palace
Baghdad Airport...Soldiers have such a great sense of humor! Satis' palace HQ near the airport.
The scaffolding seems even higher in the dark
Satis' palace HQ.
You wouldn't want to fall down those stairs!
Soldier in Iraqi Palace
Iraqi farm
My friend B.K. exploring Satis' HQ
Some pretty serious marble
These sheep were roaming the airport, no shepherd!
Man are they scraggy looking.
Gerik's farmhouse south of Baghdad, Don't know how I got this...I don't even remember being there!

Babylon (Al Hillah, Iraq)

Well, okay, so no time to get pics from Babylon, but I found some cool links that will make you feel like you are there.

(These photos are from an ARCENT website)

BABYLON, Iraq (March 28, 2005) – Members of 155th Brigade Combat Team (BCT) are given a tour of the historical city of Babylon, Iraq as a gesture of goodwill by the Iraqi people, Babil, Iraq, on March 21, 2005.


Somewhere in the Iraqi Desert

My humvee../I wonder what ever happened to it after Al Hillah? You never know when the media might pop up... wonder if he knows Liv? Rodriguez always made sure my tent was set up.
chaplain in tent
My friend B.K. during the first days of OIF...geez, she needs a bath... B.K. hangin out with a couple chaplain friends from 3 ID. Don't ask where they got the surry-thing. Here's B.K. inside her chaplain's tent prepairing a sermon. Seriously, I would do the same thing if people would stop kidnapping me.
Soldiers pass the time with hackeysac during a break in the convoy  

My chapel mascot. Someone named him "Shadrach"





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