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Patmos, Greece

Here are some photos of the mysterious island of Patmos.
(These photos are from a Greek touring and culture site called Plaka.)
A skiff in the harbor at Skala.
The Monastery of St. John towers over the island.

The chapel is to the left, and the refrectory is at the end of the corridor and to the right. Note the cistern under the napping child!

    [If you click on the picture above you will go to a great website with many more scenes inside the monastery.]
Petra Hotel
Geris Suite
Hotel Terrace
The Petra Hotel

Geri and Nestor's suite

The Terrace restaurant at the Petra.


Scania Convoy Support Center, Iraq

(This is on the road between Tallil and Balad, near where the convoy picked me up.)

My friend B.K. tries out an alternate form of transporation at Scania Scania Chapel
This is a great haven for weary travelers
B.K. during a break in her own convoy. Yeah, those are the mounted guns on the turrets, all right.



Theodore Roosevelt Island , Virginia
(These photos were posted on flickr.com by eeriedoc@yahoo.com.)

A view of the footbridge to Roosevelt Island
Roosevelt Monument
Roosevelt Memorial
Take a walk through the beautiful woods around the memorial
  The monument to
Teddy Roosevelt
Key Bridge
The fountain gives a very restful feel to the memorial   A view from an island park bench


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