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My Treasure of Eden Photo Album...
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Davos, Switzerland

Here are some photos of Davos in the summer.
Steigenberger Hotel
Steigenberger Hotel bar, a nice place to watch people come and go.

Fireplace, cozy place for a drink.

Strela Alp Restaurant
Strela Alp terrace
Davos Valley
Friendly dog along the path


Schatzalp Bahn


View from helicopter flying north of Baghdad
Texas barriers around a living area in Balad
My boss CH Sherer stands in the ops center during her promotion ceremony.
Officers gather in the ops center to congratulate CH Sherer following the ceremony.

Soldiers wait inside a Sherpa aircraft for the crew to give a safety brief.

This Sherpa is flying so close to the ground that its shadow is very distinct.
CH Sherer and her chaplain assistant fly to Al Asad in a C-23 Sherpa.


Lac-Argent, France

Mark Shepard's chateau in the Champagne region of France.
The chateau grounds
The chateau staff are always ready to greet you with a smile.
The chateau is very romantic in candlelight
A local church and its belltower
Interested in staying in a French chateau like Shepard's? Check out a beautiful
French Bed & Breakfast in Villers Agron by clicking this link: Manoir de la Semoigne

Beduin Life
[These photos are from a website about Beduin in the Western Desert of Egypt.

A traditional Beduin tent woven from goat's hair.
Songs and celebration are an important part of Beduin life.
A camel can walk with open eyes through a sandstorm, and its feet are so big it never gets stuck in the sand.
This picture from the Arabian Horse Legacy site reminds us of the majesty of this breed.


Judean Wilderness
[The pictures below are from the site Bibleplaces.com. Click any one of them to visit the website.

The exterior of Cave 4 in the Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.
A view of the interior of Cave 4.
This eroded cave was discovered by archaeologists near the site of the Qumran.


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