Discussion Questions for

By S. L. Linnea

1.  Do you identify with Jaime—her spirit, courage, loyalty? Why or why not? Did you identify more with another character? When you read, how often do you identify with a character? Does that effect your enjoyment of a book?

2.  Jaime Richards is a woman working in a profession that is usually reserved for males. Do you think women should serve in the military or as ministers? Why or why not?

3.  Jaime Richards is in the middle of a combat zone and not carrying a weapon. Do you think that is crazy? Do you understand why she says that under immediate threat she prays she’ll “have the courage” not to pick up a gun? Would you make the same decision if you were in her shoes?

4.  How has Jaime been shaped by the loss of loved ones in her life? Do you believe she copes with the losses honestly? Have these losses brought her strength? Can you identify with her journey through loss and the beginnings of healing?

5.  If someone had a computer chip showing the highlights of your life, what would be on it?

6.  No matter what your religion, could you identify with Jaime’s struggle with her beliefs? Do doubt and questioning weaken or strengthen faith?

7.  Are there thoughts or actions of Jaime’s that surprised you because she was a minister?

8.  In what ways is Yani like Jaime’s husband Paul? In what ways are the two men different? Do you understand how Jaime could be attracted to each? Do you believe Jaime and Yani could ever have a real relationship?

9.  Jaime Richards, Coleman Satis and Gerik Schroeder each live according to what they believe is most important in life. How do their values dictate their actions?

10.  Do you believe Coleman Satis’ lust for power was instilled in him by his mother, or is it born of his own choices?

11.  Gerik Schroeder honestly felt he was building an enlightened society. Did his beliefs give you any insight into the Nazi mindset? Could you understand how he could feel his quest was a noble one?

12.  How do the actions of Gerik and Jaime in the square at Al Qurnah illustrate the values and character of each?

13.  Do you think Kristof Remen should have forgiven Coleman Satis? Could you have done that?

14.  Do you agree with Frank McMillan when he said that most wars are fundamentally religious wars?

15.  Kristof says that what people would expect to find in Eden tells a lot about the person. What would you hope/expect to find in a perfect world?

16.  Would you have made the same choice Jaime did at the end of the book? If so, why? Would you have been looking for escape? Adventure? Spiritual fulfillment? To help advance civilization?

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