The strange markings that appear at the beginning of each section of Chasing Eden are an example of the ancient script known as "Cuneiform".


Cuneiform is one of the oldest known systems of writing in the world, it was the script form of the Akkadian language, and can be found etched on many of the bricks around the archeological site of Ur near Tallil, Iraq.


Cuneiform Brick

The site at Ur, which contains ruins well over 4000 years old, still has many examples of this writing etched on the bricks built into the walls.

This brick was laid above the ancient tombs, also known as the "death pits".


The cuneiform script at the beginning of each section of Chasing Eden is not gibberish.

Cuneiform script

Thanks to the special efforts of J.J.M. Roberts, PhD., Professor of Old Testament Literature Emeritus at Princeton Theological Seminary, the cuneiform script above is a translation of something from the book.

So you've read the book...

And you think you can guess what the cuneiform says...

Or, maybe you can actually translate it...?

Check back on this page for the names of those who guess correctly, as well as some of the more interesting (but printable, please...) incorrect guesses.

Congratulations to our first two successful participants in the Cuneiform Challenge!

* Claire-Line Aercherli of Aylmer, Quebec (Canada) submitted the correct answer on June 29, 2007
* Dwayne Slater submitted the correct answer on July 12, 2007

* Kudos, also, to Lynda Janzen who submitted a very good guess on August 29, 2007. Her answer was "May the Lord watch between thee and me while we are absent one from the other." While that answer was not correct, we feel it was an excellent attempt. Hope you try again, Lynda!

* We also acknowledge Brandon Greeno, who submitted the following guess: "edubba---a school." That was a great thought, since it is Jaime's answer to McMillan's cuneiform poster. But sadly, it is also incorrect. Keep trying, Brandon, you are on the right track! The answer will be a phrase from Chasing Eden.

Now that you know it is not an impossible puzzle, take a stab at the answer and send it to us.
You too might find your name listed here...


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