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You will find below a series of fascinating interviews with military leaders, authors, theologians, and others who bring to life the pages of these thrillers.

What Would Jaime Read?

The first Eden Thriller, CHASING EDEN, was published at  the same time that three other authors published their debut thrillers. Each of these wise, witty folks became a friend and comrade in arms as we went to book signings, did podcasts, and generally tried to get our labors of love into the hands of readers who would enjoy them. We recently caught up with Laura Benedict (ISABELLA MOON) , and D.L. Wilson (UNHOLY GRAIL) and asked them to share some of their experiences being debut novelists and now…plain old working writers!

Bill DeSmedt interview

Laura Benedict interview

D. L. Wilson interview


Julia Spencer-Fleming interview

Julia is a novelist whose mysteries of murder and faith feature a female Episcopal Priest, Clare Fergusson, as the heroine.

Who Would Jaime Know?

Jaime's World invites you for a look behind the scenes of the Eden Thrillers, a look into the lives of real people who have influenced the characters and writing in these novels.

Colonel (Retired) Ian "Red" Natkin

Red Natkin is a retired Medical Service Corps officer whose service included combat tours in Vietnam and Somalia. He was B.K.'s first commander on active duty and remains a good friend and mentor to this day.

Chaplain (Col., Ret.) Donna Weddle

Donna is a Presbyterian minister who spent many years serving the country as an Army chaplain.

Join Sharon and B.K. as they float down the Rhine River in Germany. Learn how they met and what has kept them close friends over the years in this special interview conducted September, 2005.


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