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Arundel Publishing


Sharon Linnea's website


Spirituality and Faith


Trinity Church Institute

Horizons Magazine
   (Magazine for Presbyterian Women)


Antiquities, Ancient Languages, & Stolen Artifacts

University of Chicago: Lost Treasures from Iraq

The Iraq Museum

Science Museum of Minnesota, Cuneiform Collection

“Has the Garden of Eden been located at last?”
           (Article about the work of Dr. Juris Zarins)


Charities Supported by Eden Thrillers

The Wounded Warrior Project




Army Chaplain Corps

United States Army Chaplain Center and School

3rd Infantry Division

      (photos from events 1990 - 2004)

United States Central Command


Educational Institutions

Princeton Theological Seminary

Union Theological Seminary in NY

Yale University


Government Agencies and Political Organizations

CIA World Factbook


Mitochondrial Research

United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation

MITO Action




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