Study Material for Eden Thrillers

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Want more background on the writing of Chasing Eden? Check out these questions readers have asked Sharon and B.K., and their always interesting and sometimes wacky answers, on the


For some thought provoking material on the battle in America over Christianity's vision of God's future, try the Trinity Institute's 37th National Theological Conference, "God's Unfinished Future"

At the Trinity website you can view webcasts of interviews and presentations with such scholars as Professor Jurgen Moltmann, author of Theology of Hope,

and Barbara Rossing, New Testatment scholar and author of The Rapture Exposed: The Message of Hope in the Book of Revelation.


Need resources for your Book Club?

Try these intriguing discussion questions for Chasing Eden and Beyond Eden





Thumb through Jaime Richards' photo albums from her travels and find pictures from locations in Chasing Eden and Beyond Eden ...


Feeling brave? You might want to try your hand at the ancient language called "Cuneiform".

If you could ask Sharon or B.K. one question about Chasing Eden or Beyond Eden, what would it be?

Wondering what all those special terms are in the Eden thrillers, like "Steppe" and "Gardeners" and "Door Opening"?

Check out the FIELD GUIDE TO EDEN to learn more about the special terminology you will find in these thrillers.






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